Aguas de Mayo

It's the first of May, one that promised another month of scorching heat. The people are readying themselves for the torture they must face in order to go forward with their everyday lives. People withering in the sweltering barrage of sunray, melting people into incomprehensible puddles of sweat.

And then the rains came.

They say that the first shower of May has healing properties, as if it is a bounty of grace from heaven, ready to soothe the burning earth. The shower -no, torrent- of water that poured that afternoon was unadulterated bliss to those who received it. Children were playing in the streets, adults are watching in the eaves. Elders are catching the drips, even gamers neck-deep in computers stopped and stared a bit.

Yes, the magic of the first shower truly is...magical.

But then, need the first shower stop at the first shower? Only a blessed few enjoy the cooling rain of companionship, interspersed with the warming balm of contentment. Most of us tread with arid hearts and dried-up souls, nary wishing for a hand to hold. A cooling whisper perhaps, or even  smile that cools as it warms. Even more strangely, it is in giving these that we quench the merciless heat of of our own deserts, that we feel a little less...alone.

Do take care, and may you bring a bit of my magical May water with you. :)

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