Broken Inertia

Well, isn't it curious how everything just seems to conclude pretty much at the same time? Or that when a card falls off your hand, your entire game is so screwed up you wish there would be a total reshuffle? Or that card, having been removed in a Patience game, was the key blockade to stack up all the suits and make them jump off in your desktop?

I know this sounds like its coming from a schizo's dream journal, but then haven't you thought that maybe your "life" is the dream? A small respite from a butterfly's dance between the wind and the earth?

To have left a world that you have already adapted to and accepted, and thrust back to a realm you neglected.
To hold the ruins of the strongest link you had, only to find yourself hanging from a thread that you thought has already snapped.
To let go for the good, but hopefully not for good.
To see the static world, treasured for an age, dissolve in a maddening spectacle of light and sound.

From the single path that I have learned to love and tread, I have now come to the vast expanse of the ocean. Where shall I go? Shall I explore the uncharted waters, looking for treasure isles? Shall I comb the seashore, picking up shells and pearls? Or shall I stay rooted on the cobbled path, not once treading on the sand?

This was not planned, but then life is what happens while mortals plan.

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yamyam said...

The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition to impel man to unfold his powers.


the green breaker said...

When all reason has failed, only things beyond reason exist. Try to understand what this is brad. I know at the end of this struggle, you will come out as a better person with wider perspectives.

Neokiro said...

@yamyam thanks for the advice, i'll keep it in mind :)

@green yep, though it's hard to follow through when your heart is on the line as well

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