I bumped my head last night. Hard.

I was on my way home from church, merrily taunting my sister about having to step her sorta-new Hav-a-nais-as in not-really-clean-road-looking-but-close-enough pathways when it hit me. Literally. And sometimes, Karma's a bitch that parks her kwek-kwek stands in places where my head should be.

I hit my head so hard that the Guy (yes, the capitalization is intentional, but more bout him in another post) behind me heard it and I cut my head. And no, I was not in pain - I was actually chuckling since it was my first time getting bonked so hard we need to stop at the pharmacist's.

For now, I'm back at work, sporting a colored band-aid in my skull to help the cracks in my skin to heal. But then, I realized that I should've gotten more bumps than this one, that the way I'm living my life is too...insulating. Yes, I'm settling down (in a unorthodox sort of way) but I feel that way too many things have been passed up int he name of comfort and complacency. I have stopped going to places, relishing new experiences, treading new roads.

Since they say that knowing the problem solves it half way, then what's next for me?