So I went and made a year-end post

So, here we are again, counting the dying seconds of the year. And what a year 2011 was for me, it repeatedly broke and reassembled me in ways that I thought were not possible.

To tell the truth, I shouldn't have been surprised. considering that I spent the last hours before 2011, talking to my ex (we're still together then), rebuffing requests for us to end the relationship. This was to be a recurring theme up until I let go mid-March. That is not to say that all related complications were over, as well. This breakup precipitated my best friend's Skewed attraction for me, making me feel that I hadn't ended the relationship at all (ex and best friend have eerily similar personalities). This reached a climax (in more ways than one) mid-October and I'm still readjusting things with us till now.

This has also been a year of firsts. I got my first office work (in a contact center, of course), and my first master's class too (failed, max absences. boo) On the flip side, 2011 also saw the first time that I was pummeled in the face, as well as hatching an elaborate scheme so that my parents will not notice that I'm not graduating this semester. First time becoming a uncle to my brother's kid, too (disastrous).

On love? Well I think I fell for someone. That's about it. Hahahaha

Perhaps the thing 2011 gave me that had the most value were people. To have met, discovered, rediscovered, knew, loved, hated, and everything else in between. Each person had a lesson or two to share with me. I am deeply grateful for all the people around me: family, friends, classmates, schoolmates, acquaintances, and even complete strangers that left footprints in my soul and changed my, perhaps for the better.

With this short note I am letting go of 2011 and jumping into the unknown of 2012 with a manic grin and, hopefully, the Lord will help me with an untroubled heart.

Happy New Year!

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