SocMed overload

I'm sick of social media.

Or to be exact, I'm sick of social media promising me that I can connect with people better, faster, easier. That by giving me a glimpse of other people's lives, I might be able to grasp a connection with them. However, more often than not, you'll encounter a glass wall between you and other people in social media - both literally and figuratively.

You cannot touch them, a monitor separates your world from theirs. You cannot interact with their world, save for a like. You cannot send a message without other people thinking you need something from them (well, you do - just not what they think you need). There's this stupid etiquette that you can only talk about superficialities with most of your so-called Facebook Friends and Followers. And if you do break that unspoken rule and do ask, you'll be lucky if you get an "okay lang" or a "haha". Most people do not think that it's proper to tell what you really feel - so they resort to the safe answers.

If you're reading this, please comment in this post how you really feel right now. Let's talk under the shadows, under nom-de-plumes. Let us unleash what's inside before we shackle it again under the masks of supposed civility.

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