Witness' Response

I don't like the feeling of being helpless. I'd rather be able to step in and help rather than watch and try to influence events in a roundabout way. However, this is the position that I was given for the past 48 hours. To watch as a relationship comes to terms about a festering issue through responses in song, to watch as bonds get all the more frayed with each unkind word and deed, to watching a budding intimacy weather down its first thorn.

To stand by and watch is truly maddening.
I won't finish this post, with the if and when of resuming this is anyone's guess. Eyestrain demands I rest. And I don't know if I can come up with any resolution for this one too.

After all, I've been charged to watch and not move. That is the duty given to me, and I shall take it gladly.

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Nate said...

true.. --- "To stand by and watch is truly maddening."

Mac Callister said...

naku mahirap yan! goodluck nman

Neokiro said...

@Nate and Mac,sorry late rep di ko man lang napansin ang comments (tama nga mahirap makita pag nasa baba)

thanks though :)

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