Hey, long time no see! How's life treating you? Well, that's good then.



I don't know.

I'm (all-but-the-diploma) graduate. And to tell the truth, I'm scared. Terrified of the world that awaits me. Of the world that I have less control than...than I ever had before. I have no name to speak of,  no work to boost myself, even less to brag. I'm afraid that I'll just be the airhead that thinks he's made but in truth, he barely made a baby step.

And if it can;t make me feel worse, it's exactly the time that I have no one to journey with. Everyone is just behind me, or just in front. Never in step, never in sync. It's the first time that I am truly, truly, conscious of the fact that I have to fly solo.

(But that's not saying I don't get any help. I wouldn't be here if not for my guiding lights and buffering winds)

I hope it's just growing pains.

Joyeux anniversaire, mon ami.